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If you have created an original work, such as a book, photograph, song, computer software, or another copyrightable work of authorship, it may benefit you to retain the legal services of a Houston intellectual property law attorney. Whether you are an individual, a small or mid-sized business owner or an entrepreneur, our professionals at Elliott Law possess skills, knowledge, and resources to help protect your rights, and ensure the integrity of your original work is not compromised or stolen.

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A copyright can give a copyright holder the exclusive legal right to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical materials, and the right to authorize others to do the same. At our firm, we handle all facets of copyright law. We can represent clients in a variety of copyright-related matters in both transactional and litigation situations.

Copyright Issues We Handle in Houston

Our attorneys have experience with a variety of copyright issues as:

  • Architectural works
  • Energy trading software
  • Leak detection and repair software
  • Logos
  • Convenience store floor plans
  • Musical arrangements
  • Registering copyrights with the United States Copyright Office
  • Evaluating copyrights for potential enforcement purposes
  • Evaluating ownership of copyrights based on work-made-for-hire principles
  • Preparing, evaluating, and negotiating copyright assignments
  • License agreements

As a copyright owner, you have authorship rights that are rooted in the U.S. Constitution. We can help you through the process of registering the copyright for your original creative work and explain the limitations of your copyright. We can also review with you your various rights under the United States Copyright Law and help you determine how you wish for your original work to be used by the public.

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Copyrights, trademarks, and patents sometimes overlap but do not necessarily protect the same types of intellectual property. Our legal team can meet with you to determine which type of protection is best for your business, invention, and intellectual property. Regardless of what situation entails, you can trust that we will work efficiently and diligently to help you ensure your rights and creative work are protected.

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