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False advertising claims under the federal Lanham Act are often a part of intellectual property lawsuits. The firm has obtained successful results in false advertising disputes in federal court.

Conversely, if you are an entrepreneur, individual, or small or mid-size business owner who has been accused of false advertising, Elliott Law can stand up for you and your business. Our Houston false advertising attorneys have more than 30 years of collective experience handling a wide range of intellectual property litigation issues including false advertising.

We offer a personalized and practical approach, determining the best course of legal action and thoroughly preparing your case before proceeding with mediation, settlement, or litigation.

With every case, we offer:

  • Reasonable rates
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If you need assistance with a false advertising issue, trust our team to provide the outstanding legal help you deserve.

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What Is Considered False Advertising?

False advertising generally includes false or misleading statements about a product or service that are material and deceptive and that cause injury or are likely to create injury to the party bringing the claim.

What Is An Example of False Advertising?

Examples of false advertising can include advertising that:

  • Falsely represents the identity of the owner or management of a competitor
  • Falsely advertising a product with a “patent pending” notice even though no patent application has been filed
  • Or the listing of an ingredient, quality or feature that is not actually part of a product

Is False Advertising Illegal?

Deceptive marketing, misleading advertising, and other forms of deceptive advertising are prohibited in the United States by both state and federal legislation. In the event that people believe they've been misled, consumers can seek restitution with these false advertising laws.

Can You Sue a Company for False Advertising?

Yes, if you have been a victim of false advertising, or if you are being unjustly accused of false advertising, it’s important that you contact a skilled Houston false advertising attorney who can assist you.

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Whether you are pursuing a false advertising claim, or have been hit with a lawsuit, it’s wise to seek an experienced attorney who has navigated this area of law before.

At Elliott Law PLLC, our Houston false advertising lawyers have helped clients in an array of false advertising matters. Our team of dedicated attorneys is prepared to help you protect your rights, your business, and your livelihood.

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