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Protection For Confidential Information in Houston, TX

As an entrepreneur or a small or mid-sized business owner, you may have invested substantial time, energy and money into developing information, formulas, or specific business methods or models.

Your confidential information has helped you make sales, overcome industry challenges, rise to your current position of success, maintain a competitive edge, and continue to be a force in your industry.

Confidential information of this type sometimes qualifies as "trade secrets." Federal and Texas law protects individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners from improper use of disclosure by others of your trade secrets.

If you believe your trade secrets have been disclosed or used without your authorization, you need to consult a Houston intellectual property law attorney from Elliott Law immediately.

What Is Considered a Trade Secret?

A trade secret typically refers to specific information, such as:

  • Formulas
  • Patterns
  • Programs
  • Devices
  • Methods
  • Techniques
  • Processes
  • Lists of potential customers or suppliers

Trade secrets should:

  • Derive independent economic value from not being known to other people who can obtain economic value from knowing the trade secret

  • Be the subject of reasonable efforts to maintain their secrecy

Our trade secret lawyers have experience in trade secret litigation and breach of confidentiality claims.

Types of Trade Secret Cases We Have Handled

Our legal team has handled lawsuits involving:

  • High-performance ball valves
  • Fuel measurement technology
  • Website construction
  • And much more

Additionally, if you need assistance with transactional matters, we can help you prepare, evaluate, and negotiate non-disclosure agreements as well as technology transfer agreements covering unpatented trade secrets and confidential information.

It is helpful to take proactive steps toward preserving your trade secret information and protecting it in a highly competitive marketplace. Sometimes an employer needs legal representation against a departing employee.

On the other hand, sometimes an individual who has left a company has been unjustly charged with trade secret misappropriation and requires representation against a lawsuit such as a temporary restraining order or request for a court injunction.

Put Elliot Law PLLC On Your Side

We are familiar with the law of employment agreements and stand ready to evaluate any agreement that includes provisions directed to confidential information or trade secrets.

We know that businesses deserve protection and we can take the necessary steps to help you safeguard your:

  • Rights
  • Intellectual property
  • And confidential information so that it is not used against you in the marketplace

If you feel as though your confidential information has been used against you, we can also help you navigate the litigation process to pursue any damages. On the other hand, if you have been sued by a competitor who has accused you falsely of trade secret misappropriation or theft, we can represent you in defending against such claims.

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