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Unfair Competition

Unfair Competition

Unfair competition claims often accompany trademark infringement allegations. Knowing how to prove a trademark infringement or other violation occurred will typically be necessary in cases involving unfair competition. This requirement makes familiarity with the laws of unfair business competition and intellectual property trademarking essential.

Our intellectual property law firm has litigated unfair competition claims in federal and state courts, both enforcing and defending against claims of unfair competition. Our experienced and knowledgeable legal team at Elliott Law PLLC has been trusted to represent clients in a variety of scenarios, including cases involving hair care products, funeral homes, architectural services, and restaurants.

At Elliott Law, our Houston unfair competition lawyer represents small and mid-sized business owners, companies, and entrepreneurs who are in need of legal counsel to protect their rights, intellectual property, and other business-related concerns. If you have been accused of unfair competition or if you have been harmed by unfair business practices, we can provide a range of legal services to help protect or defend your rights. With our experience in unfair competition law and intellectual property litigation, we can be trusted to help you through the process to resolve the issue and work to obtain the best possible outcome.

If you have questions or concerns about how unfair competition may affect your business, call Elliott Law PLLC today. We can go over your rights and determine which course of action geared toward a favorable outcome on your behalf. Although we can pursue legal action out of court, we can also be trusted to prepare your case for trial and litigate aggressively on your behalf to the fullest extent!

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